While venturing deep into Stratford Country, familiarise yourself with the joy and wonder of long-term occupancy by Wadjabangayi people who learned how to live sustainably in this area from their Dreamtime to Australia today.


Your Campsite


A swamp filled with bewilderment

A guided wander around old hunting grounds and scar trees, native wells and ochre walls mined for their pigments, ancient red sandstone caves with Aboriginal artwork, sandy creeks and old walking tracks.


Our escarpment of artistical awe and wonder


Open sky that holds the stories of Budhu, Kaakaraa and Dinjgan

Legally owning grazing country is humbled by the acknowledgment that Aboriginal Australians are culturally owned by the land. We are but temporal on Traditional Wadjabangayi Lands; and much there is to learn and share.

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